Legal risk mapping

Deloitte Société d’Avocats helps legal teams seeking to assess the legal risks of their enterprise model.

Our teams assist the legal departments in the establishment of legal risk mapping through the review of key documents of the organization, the conduct of internal interviews, the analysis and classification of identified risks. The main objectives of the legal risk mapping are:

  • Fight against increasing legal uncertainty due to the proliferation of regulations
  • Know and identify legal risks
  • Optimize legal risks management
  • Improve predictability for strategic decision-making

Our experts design with you a synthetic steering tool giving clear access to the key legal issues for each of the company's key activities. It includes an identification of available options and the implementation of monitoring tools to facilitate the execution of a business strategy in a legal framework that is under control as it is evaluated.

Identification of contractual risks

Our teams assist you in identifying major contractual risks through interviews with key operational staff, reviewing tools and internal procedures regarding contracts, and in particular:

  • Contract monitoring tools (deadlines, amendments, renewals, etc.)
  • Standard contracts drawn up by the lawyers / external lawyers (their use, their updating)
  • The solicitation of lawyers in the negotiation process and conclusion of contracts
  • The methodology of filing and archiving contracts
  • The RFP procedures

Identification of corporate and M&A risks

Our teams also assist you in identifying major corporate and M&A risks through interviews with key operational staff, reviewing internal tools and procedures regarding the management of Corporate and M&A transactions, including:

For Corporate Management Procedures:

  • Focus on the system of delegation of authority and signature (tree structure, etc.)
  • Follow-up of the social aspects of the various Group entities
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Follow-up of the internal reorganization operations (merger, transfer of assets, simplification of organization chart and liquidation).

For M&A operations management procedures:

  • Review of the pre-acquisition validation and management system for M&A transactions (acquisitions, sales, mergers, joint-ventures and capital partnerships with third parties)
  • Review of the use of subcontractors
  • Follow-up of post-transaction operations

Identification of ESG risks

All businesses need to identify and manage their ESG risks, alongside ensuring compliance with legal obligations, dealing with commercial pressures and reputational risk. Our experts can assist you in considering the variety of regulatory and conduct risks significant to your activity:

  • Ensure organizational compliance with ESG and anti-corruption regulations
  • Increase in the company attractiveness by ensuring fair social policies and a safe working environment
  • Assistance in drafting internal ESG policies to reduce reputational risks arising from potential shortfalls
  • Focus on securing your M&A process by integrating ESG considerations in due diligence assignments, in financial structuring assessments and in post-transaction integration
  • Assistance in implementing ethic IT and data policies, and in complying with privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR obligations)
  • Ensure that your organisation stays ahead of the curve with regard to new legislative requirements (e.g., recent proposal for a European directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence)
  • Ensure real estate asset compliance and risk analysis (penalties, litigation risks, damages, compensation)
  • Assistance in litigation processes regarding supply chains
  • Assistance in complying with CSR legislation during insolvency-related company and/or group restructurings

Elaboration of the mapping and action plan

The mapping includes a synthetic presentation of the risks, as well as an exhaustive list of the legal risks. It reports the malfunctions noted about the key problems and states, on the basis of best practices, objectives towards which to converge to favor an efficient risks management.

A multidisciplinary team

Our teams brings together multidisciplinary expertise, able to intervene alongside our clients for the realization of legal risk mapping, thanks to a strong and unique partnership with Deloitte network and its responsive experts.

Souad El Halfi joins Deloitte Société d’Avocats as a partner.

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