Computerized Tax System

With tax technical, technology, and consulting experience, Deloitte Société d'Avocats helps businesses meet the challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations.

In an increasingly demanding global environment, managing tax responsibilities and planning for tax issues is becoming more complex. We help clients transform processes and technology to enhance efficiencies, align data, and improve transparency from ERP systems all the way through the reporting and documentation process. This allows more time for tax planning and value-add activities.

Tax Accounting and Reporting

Overreliance on spreadsheets, outdated technology, and lack of integration between tax and finance systems hamper tax departments’ ability to obtain and analyze the data they need for timely and accurate tax accounting and reporting. Deloitte Société d'Avocats provides tax application consulting related to the selection and implementation of software supporting financial accounting for tax (provision) for global and local financial operations. We help tax departments with tax accounting and reporting processes, provision-to-return reconciliations, mitigation, and process improvement to correct or avoid material weaknesses and significant deficiencies. In addition, we advise on tax policies and procedures as well as technical aspects related to provision and the review of internal controls to enhance governance and address compliance and reporting risk. We can develop management reporting desktops and tax database repositories.

Tax Audit Assistance and Litigation

Our specialised Tax Controversy team offers tailored support specific to an organisation's and computing envirenment. We help clients prepare for tax audits and offer customised monitoring during the audit or litigation period, providing support through to collection stage. Our services include:

  • Prior audit (“dry-run audit”)
  • Support to the design and introduction of corporate Information Systems
  • Advising on legal and technical issues including the advising on putting necessary systems in place in order to avoid legal and practical risks associated with electronic invoicing systems
  • Tax ruling and litigation

Risk, Strategy and Operations

Risk intelligent tax departments integrate business strategy and risk management into their operations. Deloitte Société d'Avocats helps organizations’ tax departments align tax operations to the business strategy often times in conjunction with their finance transformation efforts. Services include evaluation of organizational models, roles and responsibilities; skills assessment; performance measurement; and analysis of governance and controls within a tax department. We also assist with the integration of processes among tax planning, tax compliance and tax audit, which can include determining whether appropriate key performance indicators for performance management are in place. Solutions include enterprise systems, middleware, dematerialisation of invoices for tax purposes (DITP) and management reporting dashboards.

Tax-Enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Integration of tax data requirements into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is increasingly critical for tax departments to operate effectively and obtain the tax-sensitized data needed for accounting and tax reporting purposes. With tax technical and technology experience, we help organizations tax enable their ERP systems, based on the data and information requirements for the entire record-to-report cycle for tax. Our consulting encompasses direct and indirect tax requirements and the related data to support tax planning, compliance and tax audits on a global basis. We also assist with data retention, document management, and the prioritization of controls.

Tax Data Analytics

Tax information is increasingly important to management’s ability to plan and forecast. Our Tax Management Consulting team can help your organization leverage data analytics for tax and assess the data and information required to support these efforts. In addition, we can help your organization gain insights into past tax performance and how tax technologies, applications, and leading practices can help your tax department plan and executive tax strategy more effectively.

Tax Analytics: a web-based “files of accounting entries”auditing service

For account audits started after 1st January, 2014, any audited taxpayer must provide the DGFiP tax auditor with a File of Accounting Entries (FEC) .

This file, whose content is similar to the one of a journal book within the meaning of the Commercial Code and the PCG (Plan Comptable Général – Accounting Chart of Accounts), has to be produced in accordance with the French accounting standards and not with the international accounting standards.

Having audited a large number of  FEC for its clients, Deloitte Société d'Avocats launched its Web-based FEC-auditing service. The files needed – FEC, tax files, and additional information in order to refine the analysis – may be uploaded at any time; the results are returned within 48 working hours in the form of a detailed report including about 40 tests (in constant progress due to the identified issues during tax controls) and a reconstitution of the accounting statements of the tax report. With these results, you will be able to carry out a detailed analysis of the anomalies detected in the FEC, in order to complete the information before issuing the FEC to the administration and/or to carry out the necessary corrections, either immediately during the File production or in the future by enhancing your account-keeping  practices.

The Tax Analytics FEC auditing service (click here to discover it) is the first of its kind at Deloitte Société d'Avocats and we are now in the process of extending this type of offer to other areas of tax control. 

Global Compliance Outsourcing

Organizations with operations in multiple jurisdictions face tremendous challenges in keeping pace with each jurisdiction’s tax laws. For this reason, they often turn to Deloitte for global and local tax outsourcing of direct and indirect tax compliance, as well as statutory accounting and report processing. With shared services and data management skills, Deloitte’s team can support local, near shore and offshore compliance activities. Deloitte also assist in special situations, such as post-merger integration, which requires substantial system, process, and technology support for newly created organizations in addition to the outsourcing of tax compliance.

Compliance Process Automation

Tax departments face significant resource constraints, requiring an increased focus on efficiency and effective use of software and technology to streamline their compliance process. Deloitte’s team consults on design, vendor selection, and implementation of tax software for global and local purposes for both direct and indirect taxes. Deloitte’s services include integrating software and technology through the entire record-to-report business cycle for tax.

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