Criminal Law

Our lawyers expert in criminal law assist you at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Assistance in case of criminal prosecution

Our lawyers expert in criminal law assist you in the context of criminal proceedings, first in the identification and presentation of the issues, the identification of possible defenses’ approaches, and then by being present at your side at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Assert your rights: assistance for victims of criminal offenses

Deloitte Société d'Avocats accompanies, advises and supports you in case of criminal acts and their identified author(s) or not, acts as a privileged interlocutor in the preservation of your rights and interests, and is present at your sides at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

With the main objective of minimizing the impact of the criminal procedure, we identify the areas of risk by an understanding of your company and the standard acts used, and best adapt the procedural approach in demand as in defense.

Examples of risks:

  • Fraud (example: Ponzi chain)
  • Breach of trust 
  • Misuse of corporate assets 
  • Hidden work 
  • Criminal consequences of alleged misconduct, particularly in the case of collective proceedings of the company
  • Liability of legal representatives de facto or deed, liability of corporate officers
  • Defamation

Examples of assistance:

  • Risk mapping and recommendations
  • Coaching
  • Assistance and representation from the early stages of the procedure:
    • Identification and qualification of the offense, preparation of a criminal complaint
    • Assistance in case of custody
    • Hearings before an examining magistrate
    • Constitution of civil party
    • Defense before the criminal courts

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