Public Law

The team specializes in public law, French and European, supports companies in their relations with public administrations, advises public sector stakeholders (central governments, local authorities, public institutions, SEM, etc.) and intervenes in areas managed by regulatory authorities (telecommunications, gas, electricity, radio, television, etc.).

Management of Public Services

Our experts perform legal audits of local public services and advise their clients in the choice of the management mode: delegation of public service, governance, creation of ad hoc structures (SPL, SEM, GIP), but also during delegation contracts procedures.

We also monitor the execution and provide assistance in the framework of delegation agreements (negotiation, termination, completion).

Administrative and Territorial Organization

In the framework of public institutions of intercommunal cooperation, public or parapublic structures (public establishments, public or mixed economy companies), our experts provide assistance with the creation, the transformation or the eventual merger of the establishment.

Contracts Drafting (PPP, BEA, AOT-LOA, etc.)

Deloitte Société d'Avocats' experts specialize in complex contractual arrangements, whether public-private partnerships, administrative long-term leases or temporary occupation authorization procedures – leasing with purchase option.

Their intervention can start during the feasibility study, the preliminary assessment and the sustainability studies, then at the time of the implementation of the procedures and the finalization of the project documentation. Our experts can also take part in monitoring the execution of the contract.

Environment and Urbanism Law

In the area of ​​planning and environmental law, our specialists provides assistance in the planning and implementation of real estate operations and carry out audit missions of administrative authorizations applications (building permits, CDAC, ICPE, law on water), as well as due diligence services.

Public Law of the Economy

Our experts are involved in the identification of applicable aid schemes, analyze their compatibility with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and assist you with the contractualization of public aid. They also manage due diligence missions.

Administrative Litigation

In the area of ​​administrative litigation, we represent public entities, local elected representatives and companies in the administrative and judicial courts.

Sectors and Regulated Activities

Our team also works in areas managed by regulatory authorities, such as public health law, environmental law, telecommunications law, and audiovisual law.

Our experts

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