Indirect Tax (VAT)

In a globalized digital world characterized by fast moving markets, changing business models and the increasing prevalence of VAT keeping pace can be a challenge. Our team of 25 professionals help our clients to settle indirect tax processes and reporting that enable to keep up risk non-compliance and adverse impacts on cash-flow.

Deloitte Société d'Avocats' professionals and Deloitte’s global network of VAT and industry focused specialists help businesses manage their indirect taxes effectively by providing high value VAT advisory, tax technical support, guidance on effective processes implementation, and leveraging technology solutions.

Working together, we help clients manage costs and risks both locally and globally.

VAT advisory

We help businesses and other organizations to address indirect tax technical, organizational and process challenges.

VAT and other indirect tax exposures can grow quickly without a cohesive strategy and a firm understanding of each jurisdiction’s specific indirect tax requirements.

We provide client focused advisory services on local and international VAT related matters leveraging technology-enabled solutions.

Our services include:

High value VAT expertise

We assist our clients in the study and implementation of organisational/physical flows schemes in France and/or abroad.

We provide guidance for businesses entering new markets.

We analyze and make recommendations in respect of the optimization and management of VAT deductible proportion and on recoverable input VAT.

In case of business transformation, we advise you to realign tax structures as regards VAT matters and to configure your IT systems (BMO).

Indirect Tax Review

It consists in a strategic review of current organizational structure, resourcing levels, technology, tax reporting cycle and both internal and external stakeholders.

Indirect Tax Review employs VAT Review Smart technology to facilitate consistent diagnosis of VAT risks and opportunities across multiple jurisdictions

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Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Due diligence services

We offer pre- and post-merger/acquisition due diligence services by providing support with post-merger/acquisition disclosures and remediation activities, post-merger/acquisition integration, and pre and post disposition advice and assistance.

Indirect tax training and knowledge management

We design and implement French training programs.

We also develop and provide multi-jurisdictional VAT regulations training, namely online training courses. We can rely on our tool, Indirect tax eLearning

We can provide legislative updates when needed.

French tax and European authorities relations support

We support clients with engaging and liaising with French tax and European authorities.

Other goods and services taxes expertise

Our experts also assist our clients concerning other goods and services taxes such as:

  • Tax on salaries
  • Insurance premium taxes: compliance and related compliance advisory
  • Other local taxes, such as C3S, environmental taxes, energy taxes, medical device taxes, local statistical reporting requirements, etc.

VAT/tax audits and litigation

We support clients with audits by tax authorities/regulators.

The Deloitte Société d'Avocats team have extensive experience of all aspects of VAT dispute resolution, local and global, from initial negotiations with tax authorities, to audit and court assistance. Our team is a market leader in VAT disputes and has consistently won complex and ground-breaking cases for clients.

VAT compliance

Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions face tremendous challenges in keeping pace with each jurisdiction’s indirect tax laws and an array of compliance and reporting requirements.

We have proven experience in helping clients establish and managing their local, regional as well as global indirect tax compliance. Our network has local experts in more than 150 countries with specialist compliance and reporting partners and teams experienced in delivering complex global compliance services. Deloitte’s Global Tax Compliance Centers in Europe, in South America and Asia Pacific, provide consistent and efficient processing of returns across multiple jurisdictions.

Our services include:

Recurring compliance services

We can prepare and submit VAT, GST, Intrastat and other indirect tax returns.

We review compliance data and quality checks.

We also offer fiscal representation services.

We also advise you on:

  • VAT registrations and de-registrations
  • Review of invoicing requirements, VAT rates, etc.
  • Transaction and invoice flow mappings
  • Reconciliations

Indirect Tax Recovery

We assist our clients in the recovery of local and foreign VAT using automated technology solution, Revatic Smart.

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Post-merger compliance integration services

We proceed with a strategic review of current and post-merger organizational structure, resourcing levels, technology, tax reporting cycle and stakeholders.

We also give strategic VAT advice, guidance and assistance with post-merger integration.

VAT automation

Combining indirect tax technical, technology, and industry experience, Deloitte Société d'Avocats helps organizations embedding technology to create opportunities for improved insight, data alignment, efficiencies, and transparency over their indirect tax affairs.

We can offer our clients the access to all our network international IT tools (Indirect Tax Data Analytics, Tax Enabled ERP, Indirect Tax Review, Indirect Tax eLearning, Indirect Tax eLearning, Indirect Tax Recovery, etc.).

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