Customs & Global Trade

Global businesses need to understand the global import and export regulations applicable to their business, and to establish cost-effective internal controls to manage and monitor their international trade compliance.

Customs & Global Trade advisory

Deloitte Société d'Avocats' and Deloitte's customs and global trade specialists around the world can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

Customs and global trade is a multi-faceted area that requires a high degree of pragmatic support. We advise businesses on both fiscal and non-fiscal regulations duties and taxes, as well as penalties and consequences related to non-compliance (e.g., REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, Authorized Economic Operator and others).

Our professionals help companies with a variety of customs and global trade needs, including post-merger integration support, by tracking duty risks and potential tax deductions, and by helping to identify consistent support for what is an arm's length or fair value for both customs and transfer pricing purposes. Deloitte Société d'Avocats' and Deloitte’s team include customs brokers, industry specialists, accountants, lawyers, supply chain specialists, auditors, economists and former government officials who have in depth knowledge of customs-related policies, national regulations, and practices.

High value Customs & Global Trade expertise / Customs & Global Trade consulting

We assist our clients and advise them on:

  • Valuation of goods for customs purposes, origin of goods and tarif descriptions
  • Customs regimes and procedures, analysing economic impacts: customs warehousing, inward and outward processing, temporary importation
  • Foreign trade rules
  • Anti-dumping and anti-trust duties
  • Issues in respect of counterfeit goods
  • Excise duties
  • Intrastat returns
  • WTO agreements and EC customs rules
  • Customs flows and import duties management
  • Review of applicable customs rates

In case of business transformation, we advise you to realign tax structures as regards Customs and Global Trade matters and to configure your IT systems (BMO).

Merger and acquisition (M & A) due diligence

We conduct global customs compliance pre- and post-merger/acquisition due diligence. We provide support with post-merger/acquisition disclosures and remediation activities and post-merger/acquisition integration.

Customs & Global Trade training

We design and implement training programs.

We develop and provide multi-jurisdictional customs regulations training including elearning courses.

Customs relations support

We support our clients with engaging and liaising with government authorities, both export control and customs.

Customs & Global Trade litigation

When controversies arise, we also assist our clients with pre-litigation and litigation interventions before all relevant bodies such as:

  • Customs audits
  • Customs settlements
  • Appeals to the Commission de Conciliation et d’Expertise Douanière (CCED)
  • Representation at all levels of Customs and before specialist committees
  • Representation before the courts

Export controls

Export controls are regulations designed to support national and international security measures. These restrictions apply not only to military-related items but also dual-use items, including goods, software and technology widely used outside the defense sector in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, life sciences, oil and gas, nuclear energy, chemicals and manufacturing.

Deloitte Société d'Avocats' professionals and Deloitte’s network of export controls specialists have a strong reputation for providing high-quality service, with expertise in EU wide and EU Member State-specific, in US and other jurisdictions’ national export control regulations. Our network comprises lawyers, ex-government officials, industry experts and consultants, experienced in trade compliance including reviewing, developing and helping implement global export compliance programs applying cutting-edge methodologies.

We support export classification and licensing:

  • We conduct mass export control classification support services focused on all relevant jurisdictions
  • We develop and implement export compliance policies, procedures, and governance
  • We provide global customs classification support and advisory services

We advise our clients on ad-hoc export control, customs, and sanctions in relation to specific transactions.

Customs & Global Trade compliance

Businesses are facing an increasing number of compliance requirements in the countries in which they operate, as well as more rigorous enforcement by tax authorities. Deloitte Société d'Avocats' offers efficient, cost-effective customs and global trade compliance services including co-sourcing and outsourcing options. We help businesses manage compliance risk by providing timely and transparent reporting through the application of technology-based solutions. This can help improve data management, data integrity and accuracy. When controversies or investigations arise Deloitte Société d'Avocats can provide tax authority audit or litigation assistance, advice and reports.

Our services include:

  • Assisting our clients by providing custom and global trade compliance services (from our offices or at the premises of the clients)
  • Performing detailed compliance assessments
  • Reviewing current customs and global trade organizational structure and resourcing levels
  • Supporting clients with product classification related challenges

Customs & Global Trade automation

The increasing digitalization of compliance and reporting obligations requires businesses to manage and report their customs and global trade activities electronically. Real time self-assessment and control checks are becoming standard.

Deloitte Société d'Avocats and Deloitte specialists develop customs and global trade automation strategies that can identify opportunities for simplification and efficiency, analyze data and manage the risks, and costs associated with customs and global trade management and reporting.

Our customs and global trade specialists work alongside technology specialists to provide a unique, holistic perspective on customs and global trade automation strategies. Our professionals have helped many clients develop tailored solutions that have been implemented without disruption to ongoing compliance or core business activities.

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Accreditation / certification support

We provide full self-assessment services for certification and helping businesses to get ready for accreditation with dertification application support services and remediation services with respect to accreditation.

We can rely on the use of Deloitte built certification technology (e.g. AEO Digiscan)

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