Tax Alert: Corporate Tax – Reporting Obligations

Tax Alert

French Tax Authorities have announced on 4th February 2015 (BIC – DECLA 04/02/2015) that the extra time of 15 days allowed to companies which file their returns (annual CIT return and form #1330-CVAE) online via the TDFC process (Transfer of Tax and Accounting Data) is revoked as from 2015

As a reminder, the deadline to file the annual CIT return is the last day of the third month follow-ing the closing date, or for companies closing 31th December, the second business day following 1st May.

Thus, the deadline to file the annual CIT return for companies which have closed their fiscal year on 31th December 2014 expires on 5th May 2015.

However, the Tax Authorities specified that companies could benefit from the extra time of 15 days for the last time in 2015 provided that they request it by using the TDFC process. They should expressly state it in the appendix of the tax return.

As a consequence, companies should review their filing process and the schedule related to the annual reporting.

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Furthermore, following the measures adopted by the Board of Simplification in its report dated 30th October 2014, companies may choose to report their tax credit related to expenses incurred dur-ing the 2014 calendar year on the new form #2069-RCI-SD. In this case, they would not have to file any more specific returns and in particular:

  • Form #2079-CICE-SD related to competitiveness and employment tax credit;
  • Form #2079-A-SD related to Apprenticeship tax credit;
  • Form #2069-M-SD related to Sponsorship tax credit.

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