Taj Launches Tax Analytics

Taj, société d'avocats, member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, launches Tax Analytics, its web-based “Files of Accounting Entries” auditing service.

For account audits started after 1st January 2014, any audited taxpayer must provide the DGFiP tax auditor with all the general accounting for each fiscal year audited at the start of the procedure. These accounts shall be provided in the form of a computer file named « File of Accounting Entries » or « FEC » .
In practice, the FEC is a computerized version of the Journal (Livre Journal) required to be kept by Article R123-173 of the French Commercial Code.

To help companies face this new regulation, Taj launched Tax Analytics, its web-based “Files of Accounting Entries” auditing service on which taxpayers can now check the compliancy and quality of the content of their File of Accounting Entries.

This web platform goes far beyond the software proposed by the french tax Administration to check the formal compliance of the FEC specific format by offering companies:

  • To analyze the contents of the FEC to identify possible gaps from the standards of the Commercial Code and General accounting plan
  • To anticipate the DGFiP's concerns and make the necessary changes in the bookkeeping and the preparation of the FEC
  • To verify that no information, present or absent from the FEC, is likely to lead to the questioning of the legality of the general accounting

For this result, the web platform realizes in less than 48 hours about forty tests to check the technical format of the FEC, measure the gaps between its content and the standards set by commercial, accounting and tax law and restore the accounting part of the tax return for the year to compare it to the one actually subscribed.

​According to Pascal Seguin, partner, at the initiative of this approach, the launching of this web platform should enable Taj to offer its clients a simple accompaniment for a new approach to the accounting management of tax audits.


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Souad El Halfi joins Deloitte Société d’Avocats as a partner.

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