Digital Law

At the crossroads of law and new technologies, Deloitte Société d’Avocats provides answers for securing the legal risks associated with digital or corporate reorganization projects with implications for information systems, in an increasingly complex regulatory and technical environment.

Deloitte Société d'Avocats’ practice in this area rests on essential knowledge of the challenges and constraints associated with the use of these technologies and the sector in which clients operate.

The team’s expertise is recognized by its peers over the years through their designation as Best Lawyers in France or Thought Leaders in Who’s Who Legal publication and other specialized directories.

IT contracts and public procurement

Our digital law experts provide you with their expertise in contracts relating to all types of digital technologies, including contracts for the supply of IT energy or the rental of IT equipment, “on premise” or SaaS software license agreements, contracts for the creation of specific software, contracts for maintenance or third-party application maintenance, integration or support contracts, contracts for cloud services, outsourcing agreements, etc.

They assist you in drafting, negotiating and withdrawing from contracts, whether amicably or through litigation.

Digital transformation and business reorganization projects

All transformation projects have a complex technological dimension and use personal data for a very specific purpose and intended to be more efficient. The adoption of the GDPR requires companies toto think very early on about issues related to the protection of personal data. The current shift in the regulatory paradigm, requiring companies to document their compliance, only reinforces this tendency.

With more than thirty years’ experience in IT projects, we help you define the legal framework for your projects and an action plan to protect you or help you comply with regulations. We then assist you in implementing our recommendations.

We also participate in M&A due diligence, where the IT contractual dimension and the operation of intangible assets (software, data, know-how, etc.) have become increasingly important in the valuation of targets.

Personal data protection

The team provides services to data protection officers (“DPOs”). Its members are regularly appointed external DPOs reporting to the CNIL. They work in sectors where data is particularly sensitive and highly confidential (scoring, health data, database interconnection) on both French and international projects. As such, they deploy the full range of services that you are entitled to expect from a DPO, starting with compliance and maturity audits, training, project frameworks involving personal data, the review of contracts and data protection, retention and security policies, etc. We assist the Data Protection officers in the context of CNIL inspections or in the event of security breaches requiring rapid legal analysis.

Networks and Internet

In terms of networks and the Internet, Deloitte Société d'Avocats advises you on your hosting and data storage agreements, your contracts for the design and construction of marketplaces, and more generally the framing and implementation of your web 2.0 and web 3.0 projects.

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